We’ve all heard about window film for our cars – other wise known as window tint. But did you know that there is a tint for your homes windows? What can this film for your homes windows do for you though? Shade your windows, maybe even be energy efficient? Well all the pros will be discussed in this article.

This type of film can be bought at your local hardware store and can be applied to any window, can be formed to any shape of your window by using a razor blade or cutting knife. Its interesting to note that sometimes people will apply this film to a window to keep the window from shattering into dangerous pieces everywhere. Also, this film, when applied to a window, can block certain high energy waves from the sun yet allow certain low energy waves from the sun into your home, and thus become more energy efficient. There are some films that are designed for different energy waves, so the amount of energy efficiency you want for your home can be easily decided on each purchase.

Heat mirror is a type of film that can increase your energy efficiency by a large percentage if you apply it to all of your windows in your home. This type of film is relatively inexpensive to buy and install by yourself. With all this in mind, you can install this film in your homes windows and thus continue to save yourself money on your energy bill.

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