This is a question that is common especially in a house with double paned windows, which are common in many homes. This type of window has many benefits especially during the cold months to keep the cold out, and while working properly gives great insulation. But sometimes you may start to notice a “fog” or condensation developing inside the two panes, which not only looks bad, it can damage the window. Why does this happen?

Windows in a home expand and contract due to the temperatures outside. This is especially true with the windows that are on the sunny side of a house. When this happens, the seal on the window starts to develop cracks in it which grow throughout time. When the seal is cracked this lets outside air in and causes the insulating gasses and drying materials in the window to disappear and become ineffective.

The moisture that enters the two panes, will eventually damage the window beyond repair, which is why it’s a good idea to make sure this isn’t happening to your windows. If this is happening you can repair it before its too late. How can you diagnose this window problem? What’s the best way to repair it? Just contact us for any suggestions, and avoid the headaches that can come from foggy windows.

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