Do you like working on your car at home? Do you use your garage as a workshop for carpentry, painting or do you use the space for band practice? If you are buying, building or renovating a home, the answers to these questions will affect the flooring you choose for your garage.

Consider just some of the features of the top flooring options:

  1. Concrete. It is resilient, easy to clean and very affordable, often coming standard with a home. And if polished properly, it can be very elegant.
  2. Epoxy. It is also tough and simple to clean, but it can be installed over any existing floor and is available in many colors, making it a great choice for renovation projects.
  3. Rubber tiling. For a softer surface you can work on. These tiles are usually affordable and very easy to install yourself.

These are just some of the options available, so consider the features you need, so you can make the best use of your garage space.

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