Water pressure issues in a home can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, low pressure is the issue that most homeowners will notice, and this is not even the more serious problem that you could have with your water pressure. While everyone gets annoyed with water that seems to trickle out of the faucet with no pressure whatsoever if the pressure in your pipes is too high, it could actually damage the pipes as well as appliances that are connected to a water supply.

The pressure in your home should be around 50 psi, but there are situations in which this isn’t the case, causing either low or high pressure. While a few psi higher or lower is ok, when there is a larger variance, you should have it looked at.

Your home most likely has a pressure regulator installed, and this device will compensate for pressure issues. If it is failing, or if it is set incorrectly, this could be the cause of your pressure problems. Making a small adjustment to it will let you see if it fixes the problem.

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