For any job that you do, using the right tools is very important, and that couldn’t be more true in the case of extinguishing fires. Fire extinguishers come with a letter code that will let you know what type of fire they are meant for. You should be able to find the letters A, B, C, D and K or some combination thereof listed on your fire extinguisher. The letter A means that the fire extinguisher is effective against fires in wood based materials, like paper, cardboard, plywood and similar things. If the fire extinguisher has a B on it, it is effective against gasoline and oil fires. An extinguisher with a C on it is meant to be used on fires in electrical systems where electro-shock is a risk. Extinguishers with a D on them aren’t very common, since they are for combustible metals, while those with a K on them are very common since they are used for fires in kitchens – specifically those in animal fats and oils.

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