With the joys of owning a home, comes maintenance work along the way. One of those tasks is snow removal. Whether a driveway, car, or even just the steps to your front door, snow or ice can be a nuisance and can even be dangerous.

Your leaf blower has more than one use. You can use it to blow away light snow. If you need to move heavier snow, upgrade to a snowblower or snow thrower instead. A trusty wet/dry vacuum is another snow removal tool that you can use to suck up the snow and dump it somewhere else.

Once the snow has been removed, you may still find ice on the surface. To clear away ice from cars, steps, or walkways, try pouring lukewarm water over the area and then prevent additional ice from forming by using a wipe to remove the run off immediately. Be patient, you might have to repeat the process several times. But don’t try to speed up the process by using hot water. The temperature difference could crack windows, or cause other damage, even to concrete!

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