How safe are your children in your home? Why do we ask? They might not be as safe as you would like to think. A child is curious and active, and they seem to be able to find dangerous situations that you haven’t even considered.

To help you, here are a few common risk areas to give attention:

Stairs – Falling down stairs, or in some cases, using the stairs as a slide, is a very common cause for damage in young children. Make sure you teach your children to use the railing when walking up and down the stairs, and if you have very young children in the home, it is a wise investment to install a gate to prevent them from climbing the stairs on their own.

Chemicals – Children will get into these bottles if you don’t keep them out of reach, preferably locked up. Put chemicals away after using them.

Wall receptacles – If possible, replace these with tamper resistant ones to keep your child from inserting objects. If that is not an option, you can insert plastic caps that will give some security.

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