When you have a heavy rainstorm in the area where you live, are you worried about your basement flooding? This is a real fear for many homeowners, especially those that live in low-lying areas or at the foot of a hill or a mountain. When the water level rises, there is a risk that water could intrude into your basement, but fortunately, there is a solution that takes care of that problem called a sump pump.
You will usually find a sump pump in a trench below the floor level of your basement, and it is designed to turn on when the water level rises high enough to be a problem and pump out the water away from your home. In most models, this is accomplished by a float that is similar to what you will find inside of a toilet tank. You should check that the float doesn’t dry stuck to the side of the trench when it hasn’t rained for a while since this could stop the pump from operating properly.
You can test your sump pump by pouring a bucket of water into the trench and seeing if it turns on properly.

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