Mold in your home can be a huge problem, both for the structure and your health. The problem is that on occasion it can be difficult to figure out whether or not a substance you find actually is mold, and if it is a serious infestation. Most of us won’t have easy access to a reliable test, but there is a way to get a sample that is simple and non-invasive. Even better, it can be done with things you most likely have on hand at home already – a ziplock bag and some scotch tape.

The process is easy, if you have a surface that appears to have mold growing on it, push a strip of tape up against it firmly. This will pick up the spores from the surface onto the tape.

All you need to do is to stick that piece of tape on the inside of the ziplock bag and then mail it to a lab where it can be tested. You would be surprised at all the information they can extract from that sample, such as the type of mold, how serious the situation is as well as whether or not it actually is of concern for human health.

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