An important part of keeping your yard well-maintained is keeping hedges trimmed. Hedges can serve as a beautiful way to define borders, but require watering and pruning to stay healthy and look their best.

To properly trim hedges, you can use either hand pruners that look like giant scissors, or a power trimmer. Trimming the branches in the same shape regularly not only looks tidy, but can also encourage budding or flowering at the plant’s edges. Trimming, even when a shrub is still in shape, can also help the plant to get enough sunlight throughout. Whatever shape you choose, make sure to trim your hedges narrower at their top than their base. This way, sunlight can evenly reach the whole hedge.

Finally, while regular cutting is needed, try not to do it at the same time each year. Alternatively you could cut just one side each year, so that the others can bare fruit and mature.

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