One of the hardest things to deal with in your drains is grease. The problem is that many homeowners will flush it down the drain not thinking too much of it. It might be easy to think that it will make it down the drain easily since it is liquid and flows so easily, but as soon as it gets cooled down it will coagulate and cause clogs. Grease clogs are water repellent, but they will gather other debris and quickly build up to be a problem.
The best way to dispose of grease after cooking is to let it cool down and scrape it out in your garbage, or simply pour it into a container for later disposal. Some choose to cook with it as well, but that is going to have to be between you and your dietician.
If you do have grease collecting in your drain, you might be able to get it moving by flushing very hot water down the drain, but it might not be enough in some cases.

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