Everyone knows how to use a dishwasher, right? While it might seem like a simple enough machine, there is a serious mistake that can easily be made by someone who isn’t familiar with how a dishwasher works. If you have family or friends visiting, and they decide to start up the dishwasher for you, they could end up using regular dish detergent in the machine. If you have ever seen what happens when you do this, you know why it is a terrible idea. Since dish detergent isn’t made for a dishwasher, it will create an enormous amount of soap suds, and most likely, you will see them coming out either through the seal around your door or it might come up your drain where the washer is draining. If this is the case, you need to stop the washer immediately and then clean out every trace of soap out of the machine immediately. It is a job that will take quite a bit of time, especially since leaving just a little bit of soap behind will cause the same problem again the next time you run it.

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