Not all light bulbs are the same, there are many different styles, sizes, wattages, brightness levels, and temperatures. While this may sound like a complicated choice to make with so many variables, understanding exactly what each of these ratings means can simplify the decision.

The first rating you may have seen is ‘Lumens’. This refers to how much light the bulb emits, and in turn the brightness of it’s light. More is not always better when it comes to light in a space, but for bigger spaces, a higher lumen rating might be required.

The next rating you will likely see when selecting a light bulb is wattage. Watts measure how much power the bulb will consume. This is especially important with older, filament bulbs. Whereas with newer LED lights, the wattage is a very similar low requirement. Wherever possible, opt for LED light sources to save power on consumption and replacement bulbs, while getting the same level of lumen output to brighten your space.

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