When you think about clogs, you probably immediately think of the obvious sign that they exist – when your tub, sink or toilet starts backing up. There are, however,  a few warning signs to keep on the lookout for that will help you to hopefully avoid that scenario altogether. You probably agree that clearing up a clog before water starts coming back up the pipe is preferable to the alternative. So what should you watch for?

One sign that is also fairly obvious is when your drains empty out slower than usual. While there can be some variation in the time it takes for water to drain out of your sink due to external factors, you should be able to tell if your sinks aren’t draining as well as they used to. Instead of letting it build up, take care of the clog that is building while it is still manageable. If you notice bubbling or gurgling in other drains in the home when another is in use, that is also a sign that something is out of sorts inside your pipes. In this case, the tricky part might be in figuring out where the clog is actually located.

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