Your water heater runs day in and day out, and some homeowners give it little to no maintenance. This can lead to its lifespan being shortened and many other issues over a long time of neglect. Of course, most homeowners aren’t familiar with how a water heater functions, and this means that there is potential for getting hurt by scalding hot water, so care is needed.

A common reason for issues with a water heater is water that carries a lot of sediment. Since this will collect over time, your water heater can lose efficiency because of a sediment buildup. There should be a drain valve that will let you empty out the sediment near the bottom of the water heater, and it’s recommended to drain it yearly, but in areas with a lot of sediment in the water, more frequent maintenance might be needed.

There is also a pressure relief valve that you should check for functionality to ensure that the water heater can vent excess pressure. If you pull up on this valve it should vent out steam and then snap back into place when you release it.

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