Your gutters are an essential part of keeping your roof in good shape, but if they don’t drain properly, there is a possibility that they do some damage to your roof. This is especially the case when you have areas of your roof that are higher than others. When your gutters drain water from an elevated location to one that is lower, there will be damage over time, and roof repairs can get very expensive.

So what is the proper way for a gutter to drain onto a roof? The answer is that there is none. Your gutters should drain directly into the gutter at the bottom of the roof. This might mean that you need to run a downspout across the roof all the way down. While this might not be the prettiest solution, it is essential to ensure that your roof isn’t harmed.

It is also important to ensure that the water will flow freely so that it doesn’t back up and harm the roof that way. Some homeowners choose to stress test their gutters with a hose to see where there might be some problem areas.

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