I am sure that you hear a lot about safety at work, and sometimes you might feel like your employers put too much emphasis on safety, but in reality, that feeling would disappear quickly if you had to live with the consequences of a single, unsafe action. If your employer makes sure you’re safe at work, who is responsible for the safety of you and your family at home? You are! Sadly, a large percentage of injuries happen at home, so what can you do to minimize the dangers in your home? You can do your own safety inspection of your home. Look at everything through the eyes of a visitor to your home. When you walk up the walkway leading to your front door, do you see cracks and holes in the walkway that can pose a tripping hazard? If you have stairs, are they sturdy and are the steps evenly spaced? Are railings attached firmly and free from splinters?

Do you have trees hanging over that might lose branches and limbs, potentially falling on someone?

These are just a few points to consider, but doing a walkthrough throughout your entire home might reveal some dangers you didn’t think of.

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What Every Homebuyer from Waco to South Austin Should Know

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