Pesticides are being used in so many different ways. They kill bugs, they kill weeds, and they kill rodents. As a homeowner, you might feel the need to use them, but if you do so, it is important to remember that they are dangerous chemicals, even those that are considered to be fairly safe. You should make sure that you store and use them in such a way that you and your family is safe. Keeping them in a locked cabinet will ensure that your children can’t get to them unattended. When applying pesticides, you should wear gloves and face covering to make sure that you aren’t affected by the fumes. If using them outdoors, you should also make sure that there aren’t heavy winds. Even if you are covered, your neighbors aren’t, so it is good to err on the cautious side. Any containers that contain pesticides should be well marked so that you know exactly what is in them.

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