Have you ever had furniture tip over? It might not have fallen all the way. Perhaps you pulled out too many drawers in your dresser, only to notice it start coming your way.

As an adult, it is easy enough to catch it and straighten it up again, but if you are a young child, maybe using the dresser as a climbing ladder, it could cause severe damage, even death.

So what can you, as a parent, do to make sure this doesn’t happen? The solution usually comes together with the furniture when you buy it – brackets to prevent tip-overs.

Of course, anti-tipping brackets are only as good as the material they are installed into. You should preferably install the bracket into a stud in the wall, as well as, a sturdy part of the piece of furniture. If you are unable to get it into a stud, you should use wall anchors that are rated to hold a large weight.

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