No matter where you live, there is a thoughtful choice that can turn a space into a sanctuary. Sunlight influences your mental and physical health in surprising ways every day. So in any way possible, make the sun your main source of light during the day, instead of living in artificial light just because you are indoors.

This comes with many clear benefits, such as improving your productivity during the day, and sleep at night. This is because sunlight sends visual cues to your brain to help control your circadian rhythm, making you alert in daylight, and tired without it. Some have found that sunlight can even affect your mood and health; studies have found that hospital patients with windows require fewer pain meds and recover faster than those facing walls. It can even lower your electricity bill.

So with so many benefits, open your blinds more during the day and let the light in. If glare is an issue, rather than shut out the light, invest in transparent window films.

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