Many types of wood can be difficult to stain, resulting in a blotchy or uneven finish. But if you are careful, even the toughest wood grain can stain beautifully. The best tip to achieve an ideal result is to always start with a test board.

Divide the board into sections with tape, so you can determine the best results. Now wipe stain sealer over the sections putting the strongest sealer on the first, then weaker sealers, or even no sealer on the last. Once the sealer has dried for a few hours, sand each section lightly and brush them clean. Then test your chosen stain by rubbing it evenly over each section with a rag or cloth. Make sure to wipe it off with another rag for an even surface.

Once the stainer has dried, you’ll be able to see which section had the best results. And you’ll know exactly what method to use on the actual wood you want to stain for the same result. You can also test other methods with multiple test boards until you get the perfect finish that you’re looking for.

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