Perhaps you’re having a home built, or remodelling your own, and while planning you begin to wonder: “Do we really need to install skirting boards?”. You are not alone in pondering the importance of skirting boards, as many aren’t entirely sure of their purpose.

In most constructed homes, there is a gap between the wall and the floor, this is to prevent any moisture from the ground reaching the plasterboard. So generally, skirting boards hide the join between the wall and the floor, covering over untidy construction materials. In some cases they also cover electrical wiring, or cables that could not be run through the wall itself. But beyond just these aesthic uses, they also protect the wall from damage that can be caused by a vacuum, mop, shoes, and such. This not only keeps your walls cleaner, but saves you from damaged that can escalate to something more serious.

So while you may think skirtingboard doesn’t appear to be a necessity, it can help you home to not only look far neater, but also last longer.

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